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NordicTwin pointed out I never wrote out my answers to the thought questions! They were her answers >.>;
(I could have sworn I did those... Or maybe I imagined doing so... like last night, I saw this really huge spider, I'm guessing it was a wolf spider of some sort, based on what it looked [I hate spiders >.<; ]. It was black with grey tiger stripes all down its legs, a triangle abdomen, and instead of a spinneret... it had a curved stinger. Anyways... apparently that was a dream  o,o )

I can probably name a few things to help out why I have "disappeared" for so long. But, I have never truly left. I stopped writing to make room for time with friends, work, my love life, and to help remove any stress that has lingered from day to day events. I still read, and attempt to comment on people's work every now and then, but only a bare few that brought me inspiration.
Anyways... I think really, the most important event coming up, is the day I start college. Only issue there is my parents don't believe I'm their dependent, even if the law says I am -.-*
My girlfriend, is also in the hospital. Not as bad as it sounds, I assure you, but I rather not indulge further detail on that situation. However, unrelated, she has been stricken ill with something, and her back issues have gotten worse since her stay here in Florida. I have been forced to take care of her, at my own expense, but at least she is feeling a lot happier than she has...since...ever?
The rest of what has happened have been drowned in stress, restless nights, and tensed workdays(nights).
I believe that is the update on what has happened during my "absence".
To lighten things, I saw a friend's journal, and have decided to do most of the questions. I have borrowed NordicTwin's journal, in case you're wondering.

1.)  Grab the nearest book to you, turn to page 18 and read line 4.

first booklet: Heroes V manual; In most missions, you will start with towns corresponding to your hero's race.
first book: The Champion, by Scott Sigler (limited edition book, it's even signed by the author ^^); Manny Sayed. Of course. As the co-owner of the Buddha City Elite, a Tier One team, Manny had come to Hittoni for the GFL season's grand finale.

2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?

A weird table bed thing that I have no idea what's it called. I think it was made for "breakfast in bed" situations. Dark red curtains, brick, an assorted color of pillows, my computer, a few empty cans of Mountain Dew, my phone, Annie's phone, my wallet, crackers, and a badly made blanket. I think it was made for winter. Heh... Winter in Florida.

3.) What was the last thing you watched on TV?

I was in the waiting room, watching Drake and Josh with a 7 year old. He enjoyed watching AFHV "America's funniest Home Videos"

4.) Without looking, guess what time it is.

I completely forgot this question was in there. -.-* I'm never good at guessing time.
...Wait... when did the sun came up? shit... is it 5:30am?

5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

7:28am... Yeah... figures. I need to get to bed soon...

6.) With the exception of your computer, what can you hear?

The first thing to notice... there's an eerie silence that has been filled with Annie away. Grandma just turned on the TV and it's playing the news, talking about ISIS and Ebola... and now Beiber.

7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Um... two minutes ago... Our fences are as tall as the roof of the house, okay... not that tall... anyways... I needed to use the restroom, but the damn dog wouldn't let me go to the other side of the house without drawing blood.

8.) Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

Some things I have, and will probably never submit.

9.) What are you wearing?

um... black... black t-shirt with this weird Grim Reaper/Horseman/Undead horse/Pegasus/Ghost Rider in a purple-ish haze, and my black boxer briefs. I do not need to illustrate that men have different kinds of underwear, just like women. Panties are just one type of garment -.- who calls thongs, panties... anyways? that's like saying briefs are boxers... *etc etc, rage, pet peeve, etc etc*

10.) Did you dream last night?

I wasn't asleep last night... however, the night before... I don't remember much... just more agony and screams. I probably died again *shrugs*

11.) When did you last laugh?

A few hours ago, when I was reading some Homestuck Fanfiction called "Herding Cats"

12.) What are on the walls in the room you are in?

Lots of pictures of my mother and my uncle. an old grand..mother clock? strange knickknacks... no... um... Souvenirs! all over the walls. There's a grandfather clock behind me (is it eerie that all of the clocks stopped ticking after grandpa died? Like... all of them... even the digital clocks) Brick covers one side of the room, this used to be a patio when I was little.

13.) Seen anything weird lately?

A 2 year old girl that whose growl sounds like a 4 year old rottweiler. Ohhhh... seen...
hmmm... Underwire in bras. They look bizarre to me.

14.) What do you think of this quiz?

I... don't really have any emotions to this quiz... I guess bored?

15.) What was the last film you saw?

I think Maleficent was the last film I saw at the Movie Theatre (notice how I spell that word, it's incorrect in America)
But... I think the last full movie we watched was............

16.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

...Go to college... and get my Doctorate degree. I would like to be an accountant, honestly. numbers just... click, you know? I guess if I still had enough *yay fucking America for pretty much making me in debt after a few semesters* I would get a really big house, and try to get my friends under my roof, and we can all have fun playing games... after work, of course.

17.) Tell me something about you that I don't know.

Considering I'm using this off of NordicTwin, I will presume you are the one asking...
I have kept a gift that was given to me by my 4th grade teacher under my pillow to help me sleep at night. It's this cute, little, white (was white) beanie baby cat. I would even dress her up as the Grim Reaper. I still have the scythe I made for her, too.

18.) If you could change one thing about the world?

Immediately, Hunger, Cancer, Disease, and War pop in my head, all fighting for dominance of which one stands out.
Though... I'm more inclined towards something a bit different... not that uncommon, but not enough people are worried about it.
Stable Ecosystems... Important species in our biosphere, revived from extinction. Bees are dying out, several predators are no more, and quite a few herbivores. As much as I like to admit I'm a carnivore (or... well... a person who loves to eat meat) I still need fruits and veggies, flowers and birds. I can't survive with my diet if things persists... hell, I can't survive now with my diet.

19.) Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

I always wanted my first born child to be a girl. I wanted her name to be Isabelle. Annie (not her real name) wants Annie. We negotiated with Annabelle. Purely... on accident.

20.) Would you ever consider living abroad?

I have... I would love to go back to Ireland, specifically Galeway. I feel more at home there, than anywhere else I have been to.

21.) What do you want God to say when you reach the Heavens gates?

...I don't think he wouldn't care if I showed up. He'll probably look at me funny, wondering what I'm doing at the gates. Or he wouldn't even notice me, and some lackey of his gives me a tour of the place... I don't know... Pandemonium was a HELL lot cooler B)

22.) *deletes the tagging demand* no.



First name: I would rather not disclose this... but it starts with an I.

Middle name: Which one? There's Christopher, and Fletcher. My mother, and blood donor couldn't agree on a name. We usually only use Christopher though, as the other is His middle name.

Nickname: There are only three that people call me in real life. Peanut, which was how my head was shaped when I was little (Uncle wanted to call me Elliot Terrance, E.T.); Minty, don't ask me why people call me this in person... I don't really have a clue, unless they have somehow forgotten my name; and H2O, a nickname someone invented. Someone thought that when I rap, that H2O should be my rapper name. *shrugs*

Location: Florida... I thought I mentioned this?

Age: Recently turned 20... I'm no longer a teenager ^^

Height: 5' 9"; 69 inches; 175cm.

Zodiac sign: Hmmm... Libra, Dog.
However... with the 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, it would be Virgo. My zodiac moon sign (yes... the moon also gives you a zodiac sign, based on where it is, where you were born, and when you're born) is Scorpio.
If you think of all of those... personalities start to look complex and 3D, yeah?

Any pets: Currently, none... There is a dog here, but he's not mine, he's my uncle's... and I don't like the little shit. Back at my parents' home, there's a rottweiler, and two brothers, one a golden retriever, and the other an alaskan sled dog of some breed. Well, that's what the brothers look like... 

Favorite thing about yourself: How quickly I can warm up to people. I really do like being in a conversation. There's so much to tell, so much to learn.

Worst habit: I think the worse one... which bleeds into other habits... is the fact I hold grudges. Nearly everyone I know, I hold a grudge on, for one thing or another. Try as I might, it can't go away, even if I take action against it... the anger doesn't go. I guess it helps out, when I repeatedly forgive someone for unspeakably things... that eventually... I can't stand being around them anymore.

Fun fact: We've been trying (my entire family and I) to take care of my hair, but it kept getting more tangled, more knotted, and my scalp was more sensitive. Then along came my girlfriend, and she magically got my hair straight, and they're no more tangles or knots since I've met up with her. She knew that we were taken care of it wrong... My hair is long, curly, spiral ringlets... and my family thought  using products for straight, short hair would make it better... when in fact, it contributed.
Hell... I'm not allowed to wash the damn thing anymore, except once a week! Conditioning it everyday, comb while in the shower to evenly distribute, sing in a merrily sing-song (wait, she was joking?) and only cut it from where the hair scrunches up to. Trying to cut it at even length makes it look wonky. WHY DO I HAVE SUCH CURLY HAIR!!!!!!

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Sexual preference: Mostly Straight... Though... I could definitely love to have the feelings of the curves on a well-endowed man. Hehehe... playing with chests is always a fun thing.

Relationship status: Um... I'm happy in a committed relationship with Annie. Um... Well... why not, it's not like my brother reads these anymore *shrugs* I'm currently engaged to Annie. We're hoping to be married by 2016.
Though... our relationship is a strange one... We are both okay with the idea of going after other... sexual partners... as long as everyone accounted for knows what's going on. I mean... doesn't that sound wrong if you tried to steal another's heart, when your's belong to someone else?


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Both... Sometimes, I can do both, but very rarely. Mostly though, I'm a night owl.

Bath or shower: Shower... Though I wouldn't mind using my grandmother's one man Jacuzzi. Those jets feel *GREAT*

First thought in the morning: Is Annie okay? *turns to look at her* Awwww, she's sleeping.

Last thought before falling asleep at night: Usually something about me not getting enough sleep for the next day, something stressful that happened or could happen, or some other paranoid thought.


Do you work or are you a student: Currently, I work as a kitchen aide in a nursing home. It's amazing what some of these residents can get away with, that normally you get arrested for. I would love to start college though.

What do you do well: Hmmm... Write, Make and do puzzles and mazes, 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I'll be in college, with a quaint little apartment, with a cute little dog (probably a black lab, or a husky) with Annie studying as well.


Habits (Do you…?)

Drink:  Occasionally... like... once a month to once a week.

Smoke: only once... never doing it again DX

Do Drugs: . . . I was. . . tricked, with a brownie... I'm sooo glad I noticed what the fuck was wrong with it before I swallowed it. I must ask though... why does most of my classmates want me to do this stuff with them?

Exercise: nope... but I do enjoy sprinting through crowds, and running all around like a courier with an important parcel.

Have a go-to comfort food: Anything sweet. I absolutely enjoy eating sweets... though I can no longer taste it anymore. ;.;
Pretty much anything with a nice, soft, velvety texture... However, eating crab or shrimp is always better ^^

Have a nervous habit: My legs and arms would start shaking, my legs would bounce vibrantly. People think it's some sort of nervous tic, but frankly... it just helps with my stress and anxiety. I would either talk very quickly, to the point you can't understand between one syllable to another, or I would only answer with silence, speaking with maybe a few words.

What is your favorite…?

Physical quality in yourself: Well, besides my humorous height in inches, (yeah I know... grow up. But you have to admit, it's funny) My eyes... I mean... they freakin' change colors! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Physical quality in others: hmm... besides my fondness of long hair... I would say lips and eyes. I will wonder how their lips feel against my skin, how they would feel against mine. Eyes... well, much can be said for what you can see into someone's eyes. Whether it be the color of the forest, or of the ocean, and I'm talking about brown too. Annie and I both, normally... have pale grey-blue eyes, can't wait to see the blue in my children's u.u

Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): hmm... I think it is my happy pessimistic attitude, that can also flip to a sad optimistic... I try to make everyone happy *shrugs*

Food: Shrimp... I have a fascination for shrimp... I can kill a man, for shrimp OwO

Drink:  Mountain Dew, or White Zin...

Animal: Arctic Wolf

Artist/Band/Group: Evanescence 

Author/Poet: Edgar Allan Poe, of course ^^

  • Mood: Agony


MintyMintamin's Profile Picture
Mintamin Shadowstalker, the Ace of Heart
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
welcome to the Land of Song and Passion
a silly name for one so gloomy and dark
but it is my land, and as you can see...
there needs to be a lovely melody to play in this dank pit of despair
I will eventually "see" a way out of here, and then, what will happen next?
who knows, but I don't tend to stand and gawk at the stars and the dersites

hello random people on the internet... I am Mintamin, and if you want to call me by another name, please scroll to the bottom of this. . .widget?
*What is a widget? is that like a wedgie? I meant Wedge!

the reason I pick shadowstalker is because I follow the Path of Darkness, and I skulk around to help those in need, without being known...
it is my sole duty to help those on the Path of Darkness to follow their "heart" I will also lend a hand to those who follow the Path of Light, for some cant handle being in the Dark.
I am always your friend, until you double-cross me. so lets be friends.

I cant draw... though i wish i could with all my heart, soul, and blood. I am apparently a great writer, or so I'm told by my friends... though it got me in deep trouble at one point (no I'm not going to say what happen, I'll leave that to your imagination >;])

1 m4y not "s33" wh4t souls and sh1ps w1ll b3 m4d3. . .
but now 1 h4v3 th3 pow3r to "CR34t3" th3m. . .
my fr13nds, my f3llow hom3stuck3rs~! Huss13 w1ll no long3r s1nk our sh1ps, for 1 h4v3 th3 pow3r to f1x th3m! let th3 w1nd gu1d3 our sh1ps to th3 w41t1ng docks of C4non Sh1p! w3 sh4ll not l3t h1m turn our sh1ps 1nto wr3ck4g3, th3y'll b3com3 skysh1ps & subm4r1n3s. noon3 sh4ll d4r3 h4rm us 4g41n! Onw4rd my h3llow stuck3rs~! Onw4rd, to v1ctory, 4nd C4non!

List of Minty names Acquired over the years:
Minty Fresh
Mintberry Crunch
Mint Chocolate Chip
Peppermint (Butler)
Minty Magic

Lists of names used for signature:
Seer of Heart
Witch(Ace) of Heart
Maid of Heart, Seer
Ally in Darkness
Blind Seer

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May the shadows forever guide your path,
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and I will next year. . . when I'm legal to drink in the U.S.
though not enough to forget my own name. . .or who I'm drinking with xD
FloweringChaos Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
*hugs back.*  Any time, matey. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  :)
Why do you need alcohol to party?  I don't drink (I hate the taste of alcohol and don't care about getting drunk), but I can still party.  =P
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why... well... I kinda like the taste of it. Well, that and most of my family tend to be very lenient on the passing of adult beverages.
I can understand why you can party with no booze... but not this family
*wow that makes us sound like drunkards*
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DeeryDeerth Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't spoken to you since... forever. It looks like you have been inactive for a long, long time... and I am still very guilty for disappearing last year in the middle of our epic talks. One year... one whole year. I do hope you will forgive me for that, and know that I still keep our conversations and your requests for art in mind. I will fulfill my promises!

On the other hand, it also seems to be your birthday today. Happy birthday, Minty, and may you face year brighter than the last one! :hug:
MintyMintamin Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
hey deery, I am not really active, but I'm passively in dA every now and then. I'm sorry for not being as active as I was, things are just incredibly busy with a job now, having a clingy girlfriend (x3 she hates it when I say that about her, but it's trueeeee. then again, I am also incredibly clingy too xD) and I'm applying for college. everything is moving too quickly for me again, and I don't know when today is going to happen.

and it's fine deery, It's okay.
also, I see that you did kept one of them (gosh, how many requests did I made?! xD)
at least you remember them ^^ *hugs*

and it will, sure it'll be more unhappy than last year. . .but hey. . . I'm jumping with both feet this time, instead of waiting to see when it's safe to go.

thank you, deery. . .
DeeryDeerth Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaay! So you're not entirely gone! That's great! :squee:
It's good that you are able to keep an eye on dA every now and then... it's alright, just take it easy with your life. I understand you would like to get far. Also, congratulations on having a job and a girlfriend! I hope you two are most happy with each other, and I wish for you a long and healthy relationship. :D
Good luck on your applications for college, too! Best of luck!

Thank you, Minty! And yeah, I am trying to work one of them. As a matter of fact, I guess you had me make only one request... and that was the Deervahkiin vs. Dovahbear comic... but I kind of messed up gift art for you with requests. So yeah, don't mind that... just expect the comic and a little gift on our little past Roleplay with Glacier and Arryarne (That was her name, right? I 'prolly didn't spell it right, so maybe you can correct me. xD ), too. So yup. I don't remember if there was anything else, but in any case, when I see an old drawing that I haven't completed for you, I will do that as I make time for myself. :meow:
And yes. I always remember requests. And I don't hesitate to bring these requests back around, even if they have been laying for like... eternities. I like to keep my promises, even if it means that I have to root up a random person I haven't spoken to an eternity from the far reaches of the Internet. :XD:

Just be sure of what you're doing. Wouldn't want you to get hurt when you fall too deep. But in any case, I hope that you will fare well. :)

And remember, you are always welcome!
MintyMintamin Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
yeah, I haven't been entire missing. Just, kinda stalking dA, chatting up with NordicTwin mostly. If there is a way to contact you besides dA, like skype or facebook (or both x3) I'm willing to give you my contact info. You can do with that how you wish, as long as you don't give it to anybody XP (I know you wouldn't do that~)
I wish I could write more. . . I feel inspired more often now, but I never had the time to write. I just like. . . go deep in thought and live how my life could be if things were different. Like that one time when everybody was AI's and we could all hang out together! That was fun ^^
We are. . . we're both still having trust issues due to our previous relationships. I figure being completely truthful, no matter how painful, is the best way to cope through it. So far, things are becoming stable.
I'm trying, I really am. . . but the issue with college is, my parents have been refusing to help out, even though THEY TOLD ME, that college is the only way I could ever survive in this blasted hellhole of a planet. I thought they cared, I really did. . . but these last few years have been making me think otherwise. . .

I guess I did, I can always read through those comments ^^
It's fun to read them again, and again, and again X3
I believe the name was Aryarrna. 3 R's, 3 A's, an N and a Y. I can't remember that roleplay, honestly. I must have lost that conversation somewhere. :huggle: I miss talking to you, Deervah~
I try to keep my promises, but I end up breaking most of them because of external forces beyond my control. 
Has it really been an eternity? Wow, Hell DID freeze over!!

I'm never sure what I'm doing, I'm too reckless whilst cautious. I know, doesn't make sense, contradictions, but I am being serious about that. Kinda makes sense when you think about it this way, I've never been one to have both feet in, or out. Always one in, and one out. Most of what I do would reflect that, like the whole cautious recklessness.
(1 Reply)
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday :) Stay blessed, and stay strong.
MintyMintamin Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*looks at the time of today*
oh, I am terribly sorry for not answering this sooner. I've been completely busy trying to plan a party today, and it all just fell apart! Oh wells, I can plan next weeks ^^

but, thank you, dear friend ^^
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